About the author: Joe Cummings first came to Thailand in 1977 and two years later begin researching Southeast Asian art history for a master’s degree at the University of California at Berkeley. He has written more than 30 guidebooks on countries in Asia and North America, and authored several books on Buddhist archaeology, Thai design and other related topics, including Buddhist Stupas in Asia, Lanna Renaissance, Burmese Design and Architecture and Chiang Mai Style.

About the photographer: Dan White is a British photographer who has spent two decades specialising in South and Southeast Asia. Formerly based in Paris and then London, he is now based in Bangkok, Thailand. He did pioneering work on India, particularly on the complex world of Hindu ascetics and also in Cambodia celebrating the end of war. Publications include: Maxim, Loaded, The Times, Der Speigel, Marie Claire, The Observer and South China Morning Post.

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